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Why Choose Us?

  • Hands-On Practical Training

    All of Global Leadership Academy courses are hands-on practical training that prepares learners to enter the job market or start their own businesses immediately after graduating.

  • International Curriculum

    Our courses are designed and taught by experts in their respective fields.

  • Guaranteed Internship

    Studying at the Global Leadership Academy guarantees you an internship at leading institutions in diverse sectors.

  • Mentorship

    Free One-to-One mentorship is available for every student.

  • Start Up Support

    Every graduate of the Global Leadership Academy is provided guidance and support on how to start a business, manage a business, and remain in business.

  • International Standard

    Our Courses are internationally recognized and certified.

Most Popular Courses

Global Leadership Academy

Computer Networking

This hands-on Introduction to Networking course will enable you to take a more active part in the discussion and decision-making processes related to networking technology issues. 

Duration: 6 Months

Global Leadership Academy

Building Construction

The study of the materials, methods and techniques used in building construction projects. The course will cover the construction process from idea conception to project closeout, 

Duration: 2 Years

Global Leadership Academy

IT Engineering

Information technology as a specialized sub-domain of computers science focuses on the application of the acquired computer science concepts. 

Duration: 2 years

Global Leadership Academy

Marketing Management

In this online course, you’ll be introduced to a general overview and the history of Marketing and Marketing Management.


Duration: 3-Months

Global Leadership Academy

Computer Hardware

This course provides an in-depth look at the hardware components of a computer, with the focus on proper installation, security, and administration.

Duration: 6 Months

Global Leadership Academy

General Agriculture Techncian

Students enrolling in this course will acquire the knowledge and skills that will enable them to actively participate in the agriculture sector and spur economic growth.

Duration: 18 Months

Project Management

Project management is a key managerial skill. It involves the planning, scheduling and controlling of activities designed to meet specific objectives within an agreed timescale and budget.

Course Duration:  hours

Global Leadership Academy

Cyber Security

Cyber Security is a diverse field branching from the domain Information Technology that broadly falls within the ambit of computer science. 

Duration: 6-Months

Global Leadership Academy

Network Engineer

The Network Engineer program teaches you to design, install, maintain, and repair local area (LAN) networks in residential, business, government, and industrial environments. 

Course Duration: 

Overview of Our Programs

Each course begins with an insight into the strategies for success. Discover the secrets of the world’s successful people and transform your own life.

Each Course provides an overview and an introduction to computer science. In this 21st Century, every successful person must have basic computer skills.

Intensive hands-on practical training sessions. 99-percent of the training is focused on each individual’s area of specialization, which culminates into an internship program.

Entrepreneurial Focus. Each Course provides students with deep insight into entrepreneurship. You will learn the basics of innovation, how to start a business, how to manage your business and your finances for success, and how to pitch for funding.

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