About the Global Leadership Academy

The Global Leadership Academy (GLA) is a TVET institution that has been established to equip young men and women with the skills needed to transform their lives and their societies. GLA is invested in the complete development of the human person. We provide our students with all of the skills needed to become productive global citizens.

The Global Leadership Academy is not just another skills training organization. Unlike other technical and vocational training schools, we connect skills training with economic opportunities. Our overarching mission is to ensure that each graduate of GLA is empowered with the relevant skills to become active participants in the global economy through entrepreneurship opportunities. Our training programs are designed to ensure that each graduate is equipped with the skills to participate in national development through the creation of business enterprises.

To achieve this goal, GLA provides entrepreneurship and small business management skills to every student who enrolls in a program at the institution. Additionally, GLA provides ongoing support to graduates to ensure that whatever entrepreneurial journey they choose is successful. At GLA, every rough diamond is polishe and transformed into a precious gem for national development and economic prosperity.

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