Computer Hardware

Course Description

This course provides an in-depth look at the hardware components of a computer, with the focus on proper installation, security, and administration. Students learn to identify, install, and configure various computer components, as well as basic computer and configuration concepts. This course also provides students with an understanding of proper maintenance and support of various hardware components. In addition, students learn how hardware, applications, and operating systems work together. Network, mobile, and printer terminology, concepts, troubleshooting, and security fundamentals are also covered.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify names, purpose, and characteristics of hardware components by sight or definition.
  • Identify the names, purposes, and performance characteristics of standard peripheral ports, associated cabling, and their connectors.
  • Differentiate between form factors for hardware compatibility.
  • Explain the communication process between the user, hardware, and operating system.
  • Explain proper procedures for installing and configuring common hardware components.
  • Evaluate the considerations involved when upgrading computer hardware or the operation system.
  • Recognize, troubleshoot, and resolve common problems associated with hardware components.
  • Recognize common printer problems and the techniques used to resolve them.
  • Identify network, mobile, and printer terminology, technologies, interfaces, and security options.

Duration: 6 Months

Award: Certificate

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